Introducing a Revolutionary Spring-Loaded Design That Outperforms All Others! Disguised as an Ordinary Letter, this 100% Anonymous Prank Joke is the Ultimate in Stealth Humour.


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DIRTY WILLY MAN: The Iconic Flashing ...

Unleash uproarious laughter with the Dirty Willy Man, the ultimate gag gift that delights with its cheeky charm and comical antics, perfect for adding a touch of humour to Valentine's Day.


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Shower Beer Holder

The ultimate shower companion, our versatile beer holder lets you enjoy your favourite beverage hands-free, ensuring a chill and refreshing shower experience like no other.


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Funny Quote Coffee Mug - I Didn't Far...

Ideal for adding a touch of humour to your morning routine, this cheeky 'I Didn't Fart My Ass Blew You a Kiss' coffee mug from 'This Might be Wine' is sure to start your day with a smile.


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Novelty Toilet Time Golf Game Set

Transform any bathroom break into a fun putting practice session with the Novelty Place Toilet Time Golf Game Set, an ideal gag gift that combines humour with the love of golf.


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This Guy Loves To Fart Mens Funny T-S...

This funny fart-themed t-shirt is an ideal present for any guy who loves a good laugh.


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Bob The Builder C*nts F*cked Vinyl St...

Bob The Builder C*nts F*cked Vinyl Sticker


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Cooking With Semen Gag Gift

Cooking With Semen Gag Gift


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Alpha Male T-Shirt Joke

This Alpha Male T-Shirt Joke Prank Fathers Day Tee features a funny meme unicorn design, making it a perfect and humorous gift for any dad.


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Fake Pregnancy Test Positive

This realistic fake pregnancy test with positive results every time is the ultimate tool for a convincing prank on friends and family.


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Russell Coight Outback Adventure Viny...

Russell Coight Outback Adventure Vinyl Decal - Aussie Humour for 4WD Enthusiasts


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Unisex Jim's breast examinations

Unisex Jim's breast examinations - a joke pun t-shirt suitable for anyone


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Prank Gift Box - Baby's First Gamblin...

The Prank Gift Box - Baby's First Gambling Kit is a cleverly designed faux product box that transforms any gift into a memorable joke.


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Prank Gift Boxes

Our premium prank gift boxes transform any present into a side-splitting surprise, guaranteed to entertain and delight your loved ones.


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Loftus Fun Party Prank Poop

This ultra-realistic fake poo toy is perfect for hilarious pranks and novelty gifts.


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Rubber Spider Prank Box

This handcrafted prank box is perfect for delivering a hilarious surprise with a realistic spider, making it an ideal gag gift for Halloween or April Fool's Day.


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